Colt Anaconda revolver .44 rem magnum stainless steel


modern updates

Even while the new colt Anaconda 2021 differs little from its predecessor, it does come with a few noteworthy upgrades.

Since Colt stopped making the revolver nearly three decades ago, manufacturing methods and metallurgy have advanced, allowing for the construction of the 2021 Anaconda with new materials and procedures.

At the moment, the new model is only offered in the powerful. 44 Magnum, which also permits the use of less potent weapons. 44 unique ammunition It has a shiny stainless steel finish and is available in two barrel lengths, 6 inches and 8 inches.

I chose the 6-inch model since it points for me more easily and naturally than the 8-inch model.

User-replaceable front sights, a stronger top strap that is drilled and tapped for installing a scope rail, and new adjustable rear sights are among of the novelties included with Colt’s new breed of snake revolvers.

Hogue rubber grips are also included with the Anaconda, which reduce recoil. Despite the addition of these features by Colt, the new Anaconda maintains its original shape, making holsters easily accessible.

Additionally, since the grip outline is the same, aftermarket options are also readily available from a variety of vendors.

My initial thoughts on the brand-new Colt Anaconda revolver 2021 were excellent. Outstanding fit and finish were present. For instance, the crane latches into the frame with a remarkably precise and tight fit.

Additionally, when the revolver locks in, it appears as though that section is composed of a single piece of steel rather than two. The fit couldn’t be better.

The single-action trigger pull is quite precise and weighs about 5 pounds. The pull of the double-action trigger was also grit-free and smooth.

The Hogue grip was quite comfortable in my hand and made it simple for me to control and operate the trigger, hammer, and cylinder latch.

The Hogue grips that come standard on the new Colt Anaconda do a good job of dampening felt recoil with even full-house .44 Magnum loads

The accuracy exam is up next. I shot inside at around 20 yards, even though I know that this revolver can offer excellent accuracy at further distances due to time and range restrictions.

I used a machined aluminum, fully adjustable rest called a Ransom International Multi-Cal Steady Rest to create a very steady shooting platform. I chose 240-grain Hydra-Shok JHP ammo from Federal Premium for this test.

The ammo in question has a reported muzzle velocity of 1210 FPS and a foot-pound energy of 780. This is not ammo for target practice.

I was only able to shoot four 5-round groups because of the limited ammunition availability. The group’s mean height was 1.85 inches. That is a respectable outcome for me, and I’m sure that with more practice, I might perform much better.

The Hogue grips are an excellent addition to this enormous serpent when shooting full-house, that much I am positive of. 44 rounds of magnum.

I’ve fired loads similar to these in revolvers with a variety of grips, and I found these Hogue grips to be both cozy to hold and remarkably good at minimizing felt recoil.

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